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Week 5 (Feb 06 -12, 2012)


During this week participants will:

  • have an overview of the possibilities for developing learner's reading skills in a digital world
  • discuss what they´ve acquired for their teaching toolkit and assess their own learning during the session
  • evaluate the workshop


Week 5 Tasks ( February 6 - February 12, 2012)



Task 1 - I've Got it Covered-Creating Magazine Covers to Summarize Texts


1.  Read through this great lesson plan:  I've Got it Covered-creating magazine covers to summarize texts .

2.  Choose ONE of the texts in the page below to read:


3. Access ReadWriteThink interactive tool and create your own magazine cover, newsaper page, or brochure to summarize your text.  

4. You can print it if you want, but take a screenshot of it and share with us in your digital portfolio. Add the link to your digital portfolio post in our edmodo page. Remember to give us the direct link to the text you decided to read. 
(To take a screenshot, you generally have a Prt Scr key on your computer that you can use to capture your screen and make it an image)

5. Other tool options that you might consider are:

- Use the newspaper clipping generator Fodey to write your summary

- Access Bighugelabs and create a MAGAZINE COVER with your text summary


How to use this idea with your students

Choose some examples of informational texts for your students. The students will read the text and use a graphic organizer or take some notes of specific facts. Then have them access this online student interactive tool which will guide them through the process of summarizing a piece of text using a brochure, flyer, newsletter or booklet. Students will type in their information. Once the brochure is finished, the students add their images or drawings to complete the brochure.

Here is an example of a brochure summarizing a newspaper article in progress.



Task 2 - Using Plays to teach about characters, plots, setting and conflict in Dramatic Tragedy


1. Read through this wonderful lesson plan Happily Ever After? Exploring Character, Conflict and Plot in Dramatic Tragedy.

2. Think of you own teaching contexts. Which story would you choose to work with your students?

3. Share with the group how you'd adapt the original lesson plan to use with your students. Include in your post the plot you'd choose, and how you'd carry out the reading/writing activity with your students.

4. Write a post about it in your digital portfolio and share it with us in the comment area below. 



Cool Extra Idea  - Publish your ebook

Here's our final idea for you to try out and then use it with your students. 

Creating readers one at a time!

Create the best readers by publishing with ebooks and epubbud.

You can focus on what readers want to read, what keeps readers engaged, how to tell a story and then by using social media, how to connect readers with your authors!

If you want some suggestions for an activity to try with your students so they can create an 'ebook',  check this out.

Once you create your own activity you can upload that and share it with the world.

Here is the activity created for this last week to give you an idea of its potential 



Online resources for educators

Reading Comprehension on the Internet: Expanding Our Understanding of Reading Comprehension to Encompass New Literacies by Julie Coiro

Read Write Think- list of lesson plans and resources

Read Write Think - student interactives

Publish an eBook - publish an ebook 

VERY IMPORTANT - Session Evaluation


We´ve come to an end of our journey, which doesn´t mean it is over! We´ll be together in Edmodo, we´ll keep interacting and sharing ideas.

Now, it is time to evaluate our session so that we can keep improving our online training that we put together especially for you, educator.

Please, take your time to answer this survey and to tell us what you thought and gained from this experience: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V88MLQ6

Help Desk

Access our Help Desk


Completion Checklist


Have I finished Week 5? Check it here. 




Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, an international education association




Comments (21)

Marie said

at 8:12 am on Feb 5, 2012

Hello dear friends!
THANKS so much for the new week tasks & links & ideas!!!!!!!!:)
I've just created a "reading" group in Diigo with all the links you shared with us so if you want to join it, you'r emost welcome! Once I've approved it, you can add to the links!:)
here is the group:
have a great day!:)

Maria Rita said

at 2:18 pm on Feb 7, 2012

Hi everyone,
here's the link to the post concerning this week's task 2: http://mrp4evo.blogspot.com/2012/02/working-with-plays.html.
Thank you for sharing this amazing lesson plan. The activities would be too difficult for my students. I tried to adapt the lesson to their level but I still believe they would need a lot of help to handle everything.

Anna Conway said

at 4:18 pm on Feb 8, 2012

Hello Maria Rita! I really like the idea of youtube videos! Thank you! :)

Janet Rubins said

at 5:19 pm on Feb 8, 2012

I have been thinking very much about my students readind level and this activity. They are not going to be able to understand or develop such a wonderful lesson, but as you did, I am planning a lesson plan to fix my students reading skills to allow them to do something similar at their level. Thank you for your great ideas.

Ellen said

at 2:13 am on Feb 9, 2012

My Task2Week5 can be found on my blog http://teachingknowledge.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=736&action=edit&message=1
I have been thinking a lot about this activity. My students are so good at copying Cliff Notes, Wikipedia and Amazon notes that I loved the prompts at the top of each graphic organizer...but my students need more critical thinking and less reporting about what they read.

Ellen said

at 2:14 am on Feb 9, 2012

Ellen said

at 10:12 am on Feb 9, 2012

My task with ePbBud can be read here: http://www.epubbud.com/book.php?g=HB7K5ZLH

I found the editor difficult to handle and could not edit page 1 which says it was intentianlly left blank...I had spent more than an hour trying to upload the first and last pictures! I have my homework to do in the following weeks, iron out my glitches. Ellen

Ellen said

at 10:34 am on Feb 9, 2012

Hello Classdigitools
I have finished Week 5 and truly enjoyed this workshop. I learned so many new things that I know I will share throughout the year. I would love to be able to have this kind of professional development duirng the summer months also; twice a year is not too much.

Is there a diploma for having attended this course? If so, I would like to receive one to hsare with my coworkers and boss.
Thanks, and will be looking at my classmates' work and commenting as it comes in.

Janet Rubins said

at 2:03 pm on Feb 9, 2012

I have finished my last task of this week and the last one of the course. I would like to say that It have been a pleasure to be a participant in this course, I have learned a lot. All these excellent tools for all the different skills in language will be extremely helpful in my practice as a teacher. Thank you again to our wonderful moderators, our sharing colleagues and to EVO.

My Week 5 Tasks can be found on my space: http://educational-tools.posterous.com/week-5

catherine boissier said

at 6:25 am on Feb 10, 2012

Hi Janet, I loved your work on the blog. Your magazine cover was great and I enjoyed your little book. Well done! I've been trying for two days to do one but you have inspired me to keep trying! Thanks

Janet Rubins said

at 2:12 pm on Feb 9, 2012

Oops! I made a mistake, It has been a pleasure. Sorry!

Nina Liakos said

at 11:49 pm on Feb 9, 2012

My final blogpost: http://nina-s-classdigitools-e-portolio.posterous.com/week-five
I wish I had been more interactive, but I really enjoyed learning together with you all! Thanks to our wonderful mods for doing such a great job planning and executing the session!
Hope to see some of you at TESOL in Philadelphia.
Nina Liakos

Anna Conway said

at 12:35 pm on Feb 10, 2012

I seem to have completed all the tasks and would love to thank the moderators and my colleagues for this wonderful session. I am looking forward to the start of EVO 2013!
Thank you!

Simonida said

at 10:21 pm on Feb 10, 2012

I have completed my tasks, too! I am grateful for everything I've learnt here, and I've learnt a lot! On the following link there are all tasks for week 5. There is also a Session Evaluation, so I hope moderators would read it! I am looking forward to the next EVO.
Do you plan to send us a mail to connect new EVO, because for this one my colleague told me?


Lorena said

at 11:32 pm on Feb 10, 2012

Hello everybody:

Here is the link to my Week 5, http://sharing-web-ools.wikispaces.com/Week+5%2C+Task+2.

Thank you!!

catherine boissier said

at 8:07 am on Feb 11, 2012

Hi everyone!
Getting to the end of Class Digitools and I still haven't managed to finish everything. epubbud keeps blocking for me so I can't even send you my books to read! I have not (yet) done Week 5 Task 2 because it does not really fit in with my work. One day...
I've been reading all your work and regret not having been more in contact with you all. I hope you have enjoyed this course as much as I have as a 'First Year Beginner' and I hope that we will stay connected throughout the coming year. Have fun teaching and see you next year??

Patrizia Roma said

at 4:25 pm on Feb 11, 2012

Hi everybody, here's the link to my week5 task2: http://patroma-eportfolio.blogspot.com/2012/02/exploring-characters-plots-setting-and.html. The lesson plan was awesome but since I teach in a technical vocational school, we have no English literature in the curriculum so I would use a movie instead of a play.

Melamory said

at 6:19 am on Feb 12, 2012

Hello, dear colleagues.
This is my Week 5 Task 2

Nancy Lake said

at 10:29 am on Feb 12, 2012

Hi everyone. Here is my Week 5 Task 2. I especially like the suggestions for the "Happily Ever After" presentations but with a slightly different focus. Here's my link: https://nancylake.wikispaces.com/Week+5+Task+2.

Azhar Youssef said

at 4:22 pm on Feb 16, 2012

Dear Moderators and Colleagues,

At last .... I finished all the tasks required.
Wow .... Now, I can take a deep breath ....!

Task 2
Here is my last reflection about how to adapt the lesson plan created
by Haley Fishburn Moore to use it in my own teaching context.
It takes a lot of time, but I feel happy to create my own lesson.

Thanks again my dear moderators and colleagues for everything!
See you @ EVO 2013
Azhar Youssef
Smiles from Egypt

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