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Week Benchmarks

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 Week 1 Benchmarks - Have I finished? 


I have.....


  • joined the group meeting place, Edmodo and this Wiki. 
  • become familiar with the group environments
  • updated my settings in Edmodo and Pbworks  
  • chosen one of the tools to tell my peers my story as part of the introductions activity
  • shared the link to my digital introduction in our Edmodo discussion forum
  • created and shared the online space I'm going to use as my digital portfolio at the portfolios page
  • gone on a Web Safari to learn about the Technology Integration Matrix, reflected upon it and shared my thoughts in our Edmodo group discussion forum
  • thought about the pedagogical uses of one of the tools I've come across this week
  • devised a lesson plan with the digital tools and shared with my peers the link to it in the comment area below



Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, an international education association




Comments (25)

Azhar Youssef said

at 7:07 pm on Jan 13, 2012

Hi everyone,
I finsihed all the benchmarks.

• I have joined the group meeting place, Edmodo and this Wiki.
• I have become familiar with the group environments.
• I have updated my settings in Edmodo and Pbworks.
• have chosen (About.me & Glogster) to tell my peers my story as part of the introductions activity.
• I have shared the link to my digital introduction in our Edmodo discussion forum: http://about.me/azharyoussef, & http://azharyoussef.edu.glogster.com/azhar-glog?
• I have created and shared my online space I'm going to use as my digital portfolio at the portfolios page: http://azharreflections.blogspot.com.
• I have gone on a Web Safari to learn about the Technology Integration Matrix, reflected upon it and shared my thoughts in our Edmodo group discussion forum.
• I have suggested some pedagogical uses of some tools that I've come across this week: about.me, animoto and Edmodo.
• I devised a lesson plan with the digital tools and shared with my peers the link to it.
Here is the link: http://azharreflections.blogspot.com/2012/01/digitools-week-1-reflection-action-plan.html.

More and more ......

• I tried other tools that my colleagues recommended, e.g., voki.com, edu.glogster.com, dvolver.com,
voicethread.com, brainshark.com, portal.sliderocket.com, slideshare.com, podbean.com ... etc
• I commented on some of my colleagues' posts in their e-portfolios.
• I met some of my colleagues from last courses..

See you next Week!
Azhar Youssef
Smiles from Egypt!

Carla Arena said

at 9:53 pm on Jan 14, 2012

What an amazing first productive week, Azhar!

Carmen Arias said

at 7:01 am on Jan 14, 2012

I think I have done everything assigned... I have introduced myself through about.me , a really easy & direct tool I did not know about ( thanks), I´ve had a little walk in our safari, which probably asks for more reflection , no doubt, , as well as shared my portfolio in my online space on scoop.it. (Promise I´ll start a blog one of these days... ) . I have suggested some tools to my colleagues through my scoop.it space and I have had at theirs, watching that there is a lot of creativity and passion around here... (somebody composed and sang a song ... beautiful) and I´ve come across some really attractive tools I didn´t know, like Glogster, About.me . I´ve seen that my colleagues have awesome blogs !!!

One thing that is a little weird to me is EDmodo. It is the first time I am working with it and I must say that iti is a bit confusing , and I have seen that the same happened to others... we didn´t know if we were posting in the right place, as it iseems there are different ways to get to the point you are dealing with... and you had to ask for permission to get in twice.. anyway, That was only the first week! Thanks for everything! This is a really motivating and inspiring Village!!!

Carla Arena said

at 10:00 pm on Jan 14, 2012

I really liked your scoop it, Carmen! And I am glad to see you've come across new tools this week.

As for Edmodo, bear in mind that this group is huge and everybody signed up as a teacher, which gives more chance for participants to play around with its features. On the other hand, it can be a bit chaotic in the beginning, but then things settle down. Remember to look for the main resources of the week on Edmodo' s main page, on the right.

Rebecca said

at 11:59 am on Jan 14, 2012

Yes, I've have completed all the assignments. It has been very enjoyable but there has also been quite a steep learning curve. And I have to agree with Carmen. It is all starting to make sense but I find it a bit spread all over the place. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a wild goose trace when I'm trying to track down something and I've been quite confused on occasion. Ah well, it's all coming together and I'm enjoying the ride! Thanks!

Carla Arena said

at 10:30 pm on Jan 14, 2012

It will all come together, Rebecca! And the idea is really that you move around in this hyperlinked world with ease.

Linda Rhinehart Neas said

at 12:13 pm on Jan 14, 2012

Got through week one, in spite of all kinds of other "stuff" taking up my time! Feel I accomplished some good work.

Visited a couple of other teacher's sites and found out about Tagxedo.com. I had never seen or used it. Planning on doing a lesson with it with my students. I think it might be a good vocabulary builder. They can search a topic, create a word cloud, we can print it and then they can look at the words they may not know.

Thanks to all the moderators for their support and thanks to all the teachers out there for sharing their ideas and expertise!

Carla Arena said

at 10:31 pm on Jan 14, 2012

Linda, great to have you around again. Tagxedo and wordle are two fantastic word clouds.

Melamory said

at 12:13 pm on Jan 14, 2012

The assignments of this week are completed. I am really excited by the tasks of the week 1, as I have learnt how to use new tools, met colleagues from many countries and got new ideas for using at the lessons. This village has a convenient schedule and it gives enough time to do all the tasks, and I would like to thank our moderators for their help and cheering up! I am looking forward to the tasks of week 2.
Here is the link:http://svetlanarovenskikh.blogspot.com/2012/01/digital-tools-in-classroom_12.html

Carla Arena said

at 10:35 pm on Jan 14, 2012

Nice to hear it, Melamory. Thank You for being around with us.

Isabelle Garnier said

at 12:55 pm on Jan 14, 2012

I've completed my tasks , I'm truly impressed by the work done by the other participants. They 've shared great lesson ideas. I'm not as creative as them, I think it will take me some more time to use and practise all the new tools I've discovered so far, but I'm ready for week2!

Carla Arena said

at 10:32 pm on Jan 14, 2012

Great to see your confidence to start week 2, Isabelle. Keep exploring participants' ideas to be inspired.

Janet Rubins said

at 1:30 pm on Jan 14, 2012

I have completed everything for this first week. I will be practicing more of the tools during the whole course, there is a lot I do not know but I am willing to learn. This has been a great week. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge.

Carla Arena said

at 10:33 pm on Jan 14, 2012

Fantastic, Janet! Take your time to explore the tools as you wish.

Raphael Goossens said

at 10:48 pm on Jan 14, 2012

I think I'm done for this week. It was great. I learned about new tools. Of course and because of lack of time I could try all the new stuffs but I'll do.
i am also following another EVO's course on- line at the same time which is time consuming taking into account my work. I like this course 'cause it allows me to explore
tools I had never used before.

Inma_A said

at 11:21 pm on Jan 14, 2012

Hi everybody,
It has been a great and fun week full of exciting tasks and creative works produced by inspiring teachers like you! I have completed all the tasks except the lesson plan because I did not have enough time. However, I have provided the link to a post I wrote some time ago about how to use Glogster. It includes tutorials, some of my students' glogs, my own ideas and other teachers' ideas. Here is the link: http://myeslcorner.blogspot.com/2012/01/electronic-village-online-2012.html

Debbie said

at 8:40 am on Jan 15, 2012

I think I've completed all tasks for week 1. Lovely experience so far. My challenges: dealing with portfolios for sharing the amterial and wikis. I took a workshop on how how to deal with pbworks and now it's a question of trying and devoting some time to it. I think Mrs Carla is super supportive and encouriging, and also enjoyed sharing and getting generous feedback from otrher participants. I've also been reading and learning from the wonderful teachers who decided to share. I can see some of us are a little worried about dealing with new tools but even though, we are all taking risks and leaving our comfort area, isn´t that great? Now ... I'm going into week 2, feeling excited and experiencing this challenge in a new way, less stressed and experimenting ... then somehow it will come out. The network here is super helpful and some teachers are amazing at dealing with digital tools. My mother asked me why I'm doing this, I said to her "Mom, you love knitting crochet, and you take classes to make the most wonderful pieces ... ok, learning how to be a better teacher applyiing tech toolsl is like knitting for you" I think she understood. Happy week 2 for everybody!

Simonida said

at 4:02 pm on Jan 15, 2012

Some members of my family ask me the same: Why? And my reply is very similar to yours. I am glad that somebody thinks the same as I do! I'll add that I like to knit, too, and that is a nice comparison - applying new tools and knitting!!

Rochstarr said

at 1:23 pm on Jan 15, 2012


I believe I have completed most of the assigned tasks. I have a plan lined out but not completed. My plan is to try to use one of the online presentation methods in my class this week (I am leaning toward Prezi or Storybird). I am teaching a variety of age groups but the Kindergarten children have the most access to technology in the classroom. I can upload and present a story and follow it up with some meaning, form and pronunciation for new words. After it is created and presented I will let you know how it goes!

Patrizia Roma said

at 4:10 pm on Jan 15, 2012

Hi everybody, my check list for week 1 is complete. I want to join all those who have thanked the moderators for their great support and the colleagues for sharing so many fantastic ideas. I've learnt about new presentation tools like about.me, voki, glogster etc. I like animoto a lot and I'm going to use it for a European Comenius project I have with Germany. I want ot take time and make a list of all new tools in my e-portfolio. My suggestion for a lesson is taken from an activity I've recently done with students: I've created a survey with Zoomerang, then embedded it on our school e-learning platform (but you can embed it in blogs, Facebook etc.) and then ask students to answer it individually. It was about free time money spending. Then, in groups, students had to analyze the results and write about them in a wiki. Here's the link to the survey results: http://www.zoomerang.com/Shared/SharedResultsSurveyResultsPage.aspx?ID=L266Z66V2GQQ (I also linked it in my e-portfolio). It's great to be part of this amazing community. Have a nice week :-)

Paul said

at 8:25 pm on Jan 15, 2012

I have finished my task to the week1. I learned a lot. It's a great experience to me. I'm going to do better the next week (week2). Thank you!

maral954@... said

at 4:46 pm on Jan 16, 2012

I think I'm done for week one. I've opened my account at Edmodo, introduced myself with Glogster, sent a link to one of my blogs -which I'll use as my portfolio,http://newtools-in-languagelearning.blogspot.com/ , and given some information about myself with animoto. I think Glogster is great to work with adolescents, they may be really creative when using photographs and describing them. They love voki and voxopop as well. Although I haven't provided a lesson plan, you can find how to use somo of the tools in my blog.

Maria Kays said

at 12:34 pm on Jan 17, 2012

Just reviewing what I needed to accomplish for the first week before moving into week #2. Last thing to do was the lesson posted on my blog. http://techonalog.wordpress.com/
Though sketchy, very doable.
I look forward to this 2nd week with writing. One of the areas I teach with all 6th graders at our school. Cheers!

Gil said

at 1:56 pm on Jan 17, 2012

Thanks for giving us the chance to explore and learn so much. Hugs

Kate O'Connell said

at 1:37 pm on Jan 21, 2012

Week 1 Benchmarks - Have I finished? I think so!

I have joined Edmodo and this Wiki. I am mostly familiar with the group environments. I have updated my settings in Edmodo and PBworks. I chose to use about.me to introduce myself. I also am exploring Gloster and Prezi. I am using blogger for my digital portfolio and have made several posts so far. ( http://katesclassdigitoolsportfolio.blogspot.com ) I used Storybird in the classroom this week and wrote about it on my blog. Finally, I am posting my lesson plan on my blog as well.

This has been an amazing experience so far. It is a steep learning curve as I want to sign up and figure out each and every site that anyone mentions.

Now, finally onto week #2's assignments.


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